How much does car insurance cost in Texas?

Car insurance is an important purchase, but finding a policy and an insurer tailored to your needs is not always easy. How much does car insurance cost in Texas?

How much is car insurance in Texas?

The average Texas car insurance rate is $ 1,415 a year – 9% less than the US average.

However, not only the status lines affect the cost of auto insurance. Car insurance premiums cover many factors, including driver’s age, gender, marital status, credit and driving history.

Inexpensive car insurance for good drivers in Texas

Drivers with a good history usually enjoy lower car insurance costs than drivers with a history of overspeeding, traffic accidents or DUI citations. Texas drivers without a recent traffic violation save an average of 8% on car insurance premiums – compared to the national average of 25%. In addition to getting a cheaper premium for driving without accidents, you can qualify for a safe driving bonus through a car insurance company. The amount of these discounts may vary, but usually range from 5 to 10%.

How much does car insurance cost in Texas?

Cheapest for good drivers in Texas

The cheapest insurers and average rates for Texans with a clean driving history and good credit are:

  • Texas Farm Bureau: USD 1041 per year.
  • Geico: USD 1207 a year.
  • Republic Group: USD 1351 per year.
  • Auto Club of SoCal: USD 1478 per year.
  • State Farm: USD 1610 per year.

Drivers with no recent accidents or violations can get lower car insurance rates for good credit. For these calculations, NerdWallet averaged rates for 40-year-old men and women with a clean driving record and good credit. In terms of driving history and credit history, a large proportion of drivers are closest to the profile with standard “full insurance” insurance, including comprehensive and collision insurance, as well as insurance required by the state. The prices shown include a good discount for the driver if available from the insurer.

Finding the Right Car Insurance in Texas for You

Not all car insurance policies are created equal and every driver does not have the same needs. That is why it is important to shop around and compare car insurance offers to find the right combination of insurance and rates for yourself.

Remember: each company has its own price algorithm, so don’t accept the first rate you see. You can find a much cheaper option elsewhere. The best car insurance in Texas can be quite different from what is right for your neighbor or friend.



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