Can you sell houses in Monopoly?

To start, place the board on the table. Each player chooses a chip. Then they place their chip on the table near the field marked Go, placing it on Go only when their first turn of movement arrives. One player becomes a banker who distributes the assets from the bank to the players. Can you sell houses in Monopoly?

Only a player can use their money, money can be borrowed only through the banker’s or player’s money. Each player receives $ 1,500 in cash divided as follows: two of $ 500, $ 100 and $ 50 each; six $ 20, five for $ 10, $ 5 and $ 1. All remaining cash and other equipment goes to the Bank. The banker can also play, but must keep his personal funds in the bank. He / she must also make sure they collect $ 200 when they go GO.


There are houses and hotels. In the original game, the houses were small green buildings, and the hotels – larger red buildings. In different varieties, not only properties and tokens change, but also houses. For example, in the Simpsons edition, houses are “Monorail stops, and hotels are monorail stations. There are 2 new types of buildings in Monopoly: The Mega Edition: train depots and skyscrapers. The city of Monopoly ignores all these buildings and adds new ones. These buildings are the main goal of the game.

Can you sell houses in Monopoly?


The cost of the home varies depending on the property. These are the prices in the original game for 1 house:

  • Browns \ Purples and Light Blues- 50 USD
  • Roses and oranges – 100
  • Reds and yellows – 150
  • Greens and Dark Blues – 200

The hotel costs the same as a house, but 4 houses are needed to build the hotel.

Houses can only be bought if all the fields in the monopoly are owned by the same player. Even building is the rule, which means you can’t have a hotel on one property and have 2 houses on the other. This can only happen if 2 properties are not the same monopoly. There is a limit of thirty-two houses. However, a common home rule is to have infinite homes.

You can NOT build on railways or mortgaged properties. You CANNOT build at all if one property in the set is mortgaged.

Sale of houses / hotels

If you owe someone money and cannot raise it by pledging and transferring cash, you can sell your homes and / or hotels. This results in a loss of profit because you can sell houses / hotels at half their original cost.

For example, it costs:

  • Browns \ Purples and Light Blues- 25 USD
  • Roses and oranges – 50
  • Reds and bile- 75
  • Greens and Dark Blues 100

No property can be sold or sold with buildings on it; they should be resold to the bank at half the construction cost.



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