This June 2014

Join hundreds of professionals for 2 days in Seattle for our fourth ever EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference® to share in inspiration, innovation, and advancement. Our 20 minute talks are provided by employed professionals just like yourself that have found motivation in their every day life and want to share their stories.

With great success in 2012 and again in 2013 the EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference® is moving permanently to Seattle, WA for 2014 with topics that are sure to inspire. For 2 full days we provide you with the most motivating speakers and topics Seattle has seen. Our speakers are not professionals in the speaking realm, but business executives just like you that have found a passion in social, mobile, and gaming technologies. Our attendees walk away with a very advanced understanding of these technologies, and a new found incentive to set new goals and know that they can now accomplish even more than they could before.

“Our attendees walk away with an inspiration that they can accomplish great things and now have the tools to do so.” Wappow! CEO – Jenn Mathews

Each topic is 20-30 minutes long, fast paced, and focused not on “how to’s” but more from each speaker’s personal experience. Whether talking about how there is shortage on developers and ended with commentary of the plight of the homeless, how they use technology to balance their work and life to become successful, or show enthusiasm for the ability to “map Haiti” to aid in the rebuilding of a country after a major disaster, you’ll walk away with new insights and that spark you needed to get ideas flowing to grow in your career and help improve your business.