More than just an ordinary social media conference – EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference® is incredible technology inspired topics from the intellectually influential in imagination with just one thing in common: they have the desire to share something inspirational, and they are able to share it in a profound way. We bring a select audience of the most prominent decision-makers in the social, mobile, and gaming industry together for EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference® to get a sneak preview of upcoming products and services, network, and share ideas about the future of emerging media technologies.


EmMeCon welcomes attendees with an opportunity to view and experience the latest in technology advances and upcoming product roll outs. Included in this unique program are demonstrations, presentations, and discussions led by some of the most connected and recognized experts in the industry.

Whether you are immersed in the world of emerging media or just have a casual interest in keeping up with the latest trends and innovations, this conference allows you to preview the future of the technology world like a seasoned insider.

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Who attends EmMeCon Emerging Media Conference®?

Attendees are generally leaders in their field who can make a strong contribution to the technology community through their energy, and connections to influence the social, mobile, and gaming industry. Below is a short list of some of the companies that have registered groups of attendees to join us in the past.

Where Do They Come From?

We are often asked “who attends EmMeCon?” so to give you an idea we pulled together some data.
The following are calculations from an attendees list of just under one thousand pulled in June 2013.


Consultant: 3.21%
Freelancer: 1.24%
Educational Institution: 1.12%
Student: 1.04%
Online Publication: 0.43%

We summarized the types of companies into recognizable categories. For example: Company represents established midsize to large corporations. Startup represents companies in their first 2-3 years of business (whether highly profitable or not). Agency is considered any Advertising/Marketing, Public Relations, or even Development shops. Educational Institution represents Universities, High Schools, or other recognized Educational Institution.
After summarizing the categories we then pivoted and calculated the count of those categories into the total for the percentage of total attendees.

What Are Their Roles?

Manager 25
Director 9
C-Level 6
VP 6
Specialist 5
Owner 5
Founder 5
Strategist 4
Developer/Engineer 4
Consultant 3
President 2
Writer/Editor 2
NA 2
Designer 2
Analyst 2
Principal 2
Partner 1
Entrepreneur 1
Student 1
Doctorate Student 1
Executive Assistant 1
Freelance 1
The following are all roles/titles of folks that have attended that are under 1% each of the total (a few people here an there)
Content Creator
Graduate student
Customer Service
Secretary General
Advertising Policy Analyst
alternative energy integrator
Alumni and Parent Relations Coordinator
Application Support Technician
Channel BDM
Computer Scientist
creative strategist
Digital Media Sales Coordinator
Executive Catalyst
Facebook Administrator
Hair design
Independent Stylist
Media Supervisor
Mortgage Banker
Operations Professional
Stock Broker
Technology Innovation
We summarized attendees roles and titles into recognizable categories. For example: Manager could be anyone from a Project Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, or any title with the word “Manager”. Director, C-Level, VP, and SVPare all attendees that are upper level executives with the word “Director”, “Chief”, “Vice President”, or “Senior Vice President” in their title. Specialist are people that are considered “specialist” or the like (just under Manager level) within the organization. Developer/Engineer are all of the Developers or Engineers including web developer, application developers, Data Architects, and the like.
After summarizing the titles and roles we then pivoted and calculated the count of those roles into the total for the percentage of total attendees.